Freestanding products

MEINERTZ has a wide range of products that are mounted freestanding on the floor. They can all be supplied in a low-profile version that serves as a modern and aesthetic alternative to the classic low-profile convectors. Products such as SkyLine Plinth, L-Line, finned tubes and plain tubes will all appear stylish, modern and perfectly integrated into the architecture.

With products such as SkyLine Plinth and L-Line, the possibilities go even further. These products can be supplied in a higher version that can function as a bench in addition to the heating function. SkyLine Plinth can even be supplied with a seat in wood or steel. This makes the product perfect for e.g. libraries, airports, universities, other public spaces, corporate domiciles, etc. We can prepare the leg of a SkyLine Plinth for installation of electrical connectors, which e.g. can be used for charging mobile devices. The young users will be happy about that!

Our various solutions, which are based on finned tubes and plain tubes, appear almost sculpturally in the architecture and decor of the room. Finned tubes appear as a rustic modern solution despite the fact that it is a classic we have been producing since the 1950s.

Finally, we must mention the classic convectors and radiators from MEINERTZ. Today, we produce them exclusively without slats between the water-carrying pipes, but that does not change the countless possibilities for design, dimensioning, color choice and mounting. With a solution from MEINERTZ, it is possible to create a heating solution that appears discreetly integrated in the architecture or appears sculpturally in the room. The choice is yours!

An employee from MEINERTZ is always ready to advise you on the best choice.

The following products are delivered without slats between the water-carrying pipes.