Church Convectors

Church Convectors

MEINERTZ church convector is the most flexible, discreet and aesthetic convector for mounting under church pews.

It is high performance and produced with the required drills to live up to the requirements for the renovation of listed buildings. At the same time, they can be delivered in all colors, and thus discreetly integrated into the construction of the bench.

MEINERTZ church convectors are based on MEINERTZ SkyLine, which is made of 70 x 11 x 2.0 mm pressure-stable steel pipes. They are placed at a distance of 13 mm without welded metal plates between the water-carrying pipes.

MEINERTZ has a standardized pew bracket, which often can used - and otherwise we develop a special bracket for the individual project, where the bracket is adapted to the construction of the pew.

MEINERTZ church convectors are extremely easy to clean. There can be cleaned with a regular detergent that does not contain abrasive.

Scratches and damage to the surface of the paint can be repaired with traditional wet paint in a spray can or applied with a thin brush.

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