Warm Churches

3. march 2020

Church projects are something very special for MEINERTZ. Over the years, we have been involved in a myriad of renovation projects, where the heating solution is specially designed for the individual church.


The requirements for the restoration of listed churches are often in contrast to the users' desire for modern comfort. Although the church is a historic building, it is also a utility room. On a cold day, the congregation expects the church to welcome you with warm spaces and open hands. Therefore, it is important to find good and efficient heating solutions that do not destroy the building's cultural heritage or architectural lines.

The architecture of the individual church room is decisive for which heating solution to choose. In a listed building, the best solution is often to mount the radiators up under the benches - well hidden. Meinertz has a range of products that are particularly suitable and that create an even and comfortable warmth in the church.

MEINERTZ stands for Danish-produced quality and design, which is based on craftsmanship since 1939. Our church convector is the most flexible, discreet and aesthetic convector for installation under church benches. It is high-performance and is produced with the connections required to meet the requirements for the renovation of listed buildings. At the same time, the convector can be delivered in all colors, and thus discreetly integrated into the construction of the bench.

MEINERTZ church convector is built with specially rolled pipes that are placed at an optimal distance, so it is not necessary to weld slats between the pipes. In addition to being robust, discreet and stylish, you therefore get a very easy-to-clean heating solution.

For hanging under church pews, MEINERTZ has developed various standard fittings, but we often develop very special variants for the individual project. The goal is for suspension, connection and piping to become almost invisible and interfere as little with the church's construction as possible, and as with all MEINERTZ products, our church convectors are offered in optional colors. This is important when the heating solution is to be integrated into a church pew that got its color perhaps several hundred years ago.

The work of renovating churches is often more complicated than other construction tasks. Therefore, MEINERTZ has developed a process that, in close collaboration with the architect, engineer and installer, ensures a safe process from design to implementation. The result is countless beautiful churches across the country. On our website there are a large number of references and examples.