Convec FloorLine

Convec FloorLine

The product has been discontinued as of october 2023

Please contact us for alternatives

It may be the smallest and most compact heating system on the market, but their performance easily bears comparison with large, traditional heat sources.


Both the design and dimensions are minimalist to a degree which allows FloorLine to be integrated into all kinds of new property and renovations.


FloorLine can be integrated into floors as a discreet architectural detail, harmoniously juxtaposed with large windows to guard against cold downdraughts, built into walls as an alternative to free-hanging radiators, or included as a design element in shelving, window sills, and much more.


Only the elegantly-finished black or brushed aluminium grilles are visible. The panels can be supplied in lengths of from 1000 to 3500 mm as desired, or as multiple units without visible joints of up to 15 metres length, in single or double width.

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