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Craftsmanship since 1939


If you want the radiator to be an integrated part of the architecture – and not just a standard solution ...


If you want the convector to be integrated into the window solutions without disturbing the view in or out ...


If you want minimalist floor panels to heat rooms with tall perspectives ...


If you´re looking for simplicity and elegance, or the raw and rustic look ...


– then MEINERTZ has just what you need.


Radiators and convectors. Convection grilles and comfort panels. Plain and finned tubes.


All our solutions are custom solutions

We hold no goods in stock – all of our solutions are specially manufactured to specific dimensions, and scaled according to the desired heating output. Many installation possibilities. Infinite colour possibilities.

Flexibility, systematically organised. Sophisticated production equipment, built to ensure efficient production of individual solutions. New technology, combined with a tradition of more than 70 years of good old-fashioned craftsmanship and professional pride. Hand-picked staff who show a level of responsibility and respect that guarantees the quality of even the smallest detail.


The architects´ choice

MEINERTZ is a sparring partner and supplier to the most innovative architectural practices in Denmark, and this success is spreading to Europe and the USA. We can translate the ideas of architects into unique design solutions – we speak the same language.

We are happy to be involved from the very beginning, so that we can assess the situation and take measurements on-site. We take responsibility. We follow up.


Environmental benefits

MEINERTZ products are manufactured in the highest quality steel available on the market, which, like all the other materials we use, can be 100% recycled.

Energy supplies for our manufacturing processes are based on a sustainable, CO2-neutral source, namely hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric power has now replaced our former energy supplies based on coal, oil and gas.

All excess powder used in the powder lacquering process is recycled in our high-efficiency paint cabin.

All of our transport packaging is made from plain wood.


Check out MEINERTZ

It all began in 1939. MEINERTZ is still a 100% family-owned Danish company with a sound financial foundation.

We are faithful to our niche: design created in critical co-operation with architects who have progressive ideas. Constructions which satisfy all of the engineers´ demands towards performance and practicality. Uncompromising quality, produced in Denmark by smiths, welders and technicians who take pride in their work.

Check out the results. Take a look at some of Denmark´s most distinctive construction projects. You can see them here at the website, in our ideas catalogue, or in reality.

And check out MEINERTZ next time you need some sound heating advice and a good high-end space heating solution – because that´s something we know all about!



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