Products for facade, wall and ceiling

To create the ideal heating, one must consider the location of the heaters, their dimensioning, the interaction with the building's architecture and aesthetics, as well as integration with other building components. An ideal heating solution will often consist of several heaters, which in combination provide a comfortable and efficient indoor climate.

For large glass facades, you can place a floor convector in the floor, or a free-standing heater in front. For high facades, this heat source must be supplemented with small, efficient convectors that are placed in height and integrated with the facade construction. MEINERTZ has several solutions for facades, namely SkyLine, ribbed pipes and smooth pipes. All have countless options for discreet mounting on the facade construction and almost invisible piping.

Ribbed pipes and smooth pipes can also be combined with the use of several pipe elements, and mounted directly on the wall. For wall mounting, we also have Zehnder Charleston and Zehnder Excelsior, which are two classic heaters. A more modern look can be obtained by using the well-known radiators from MEINERTZ, where we build a radiator in height using flat pipe profiles. As we do not use slats between the water-carrying pipes, our radiators are both hygienic and stylish. Since we are order-producing, we can build a convector or radiator with completely precise dimensions and in all colors. It creates the opportunity for perfect and discreet integration with the architecture.

Under the ceiling and in skylights, SkyLine, ribbed pipes and smooth pipes can be used. All products can be delivered in curved designs, and can thus be placed in a round skylight.

The following products are delivered without slats between the water-carrying pipes.