Products for installation in the floor

Heaters mounted in the floor in front of glass facades create an effective protection against the cold precipitation that always occurs at large glass sections. For high glass facades, the floor convector can be combined with small and discreet facade convectors, which are placed higher up on the facade construction.

An advantage of floor convectors is the discreet location that creates a clear view and does not inhibit the aesthetic expression in an architecture with glass. MEINERTZ is a leader in the production and sale of floor convectors. As we are order-producing, we have unimaginable possibilities to adapt the individual solution to the architecture. We offer our products in exact dimensions, in straight and curved shapes, in all colors and with both standard and special fittings for mounting. At the same time, we offer integrated electrical boxes, adaptations around columns and corners as well as various transitions to the floor.

The choice of floor convector depends on performance needs, possible dimensions, requirements for special design and aesthetic considerations. Below is a list of relevant products. Catalogs, data sheets and references provide the best basis for a decision. In addition, the employees at MEINERTZ are always ready with advice.

In addition to floor convectors, MEINERTZ supplies gratings for covering ducts for both outside and inside. Roller grate is used to cover convector trenches. ProLine Rist can be used to cover new and old convector trenches as well as to cover rainwater channels outdoors.