Legal information

Legal information

This website is owned, developed and maintained by MEINERTZ A/S, Sverigesvej 16, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark, with a view to providing information on the MEINERTZ company and its products and services.

Material presented on the website

Although MEINERTZ makes every effort to ensure that the material presented on this website is complete, correct and up to date, the company can accept no responsibility for this. You should therefore neither act nor refrain from acting on the basis of this material, but contact MEINERTZ. We will then ensure that you receive the desired material and assistance. The material presented here is the property of MEINERTZ. No reproduction or use of the material or any parts of the material in any form is permitted, personal, non-commercial use excepted. No licence has been issued to reproduce or use this material for any purpose other than normal web browsing. If you reproduce the material for personal, non-commercial use, you should acknowledge MEINERTZ as the source, in the form of a reference to this website (, and state our copyright notice, © 2009 MEINERTZ A/S, in connection with the reproduction. Text, photographs, videos, drawings, graphics, sound, data, etc. may be subject to copyright, and may be the property of or licensed by MEINERTZ. Trademarks, including logos, slogans, etc., are registered or non-registered trademarks, and are the property of or licensed by MEINERTZ. The products shown and the production methods described on this website may be subject to intellectual property rights, including patents and utility model or design protection, and may be the property of or licensed by MEINERTZ. No licence has been issued for the use of any of these intellectual property rights, and we draw attention to the fact that MEINERTZ carefully monitors its intellectual property rights and will pursue any infringement, including via the courts.

Material transferred via this website

MEINERTZ registers non-personal information on visitors to this website with the aim of updating and improving the website, and thereby providing you with the best possible experience and the most relevant information when you visit the site. Personal information is registered only when volunteered by the visitor. Such information encompasses name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number, and will be used only for the purpose for which it was provided, unless the visitor has expressly consented to other use. Both personal and non-personal information registered by MEINERTZ will be treated as confidential, and will not be passed on or in any other manner made accessible to others. Any material received by MEINERTZ via this website will be regarded as generally accessible. MEINERTZ shall therefore be entitled to reproduce, use, alter and transfer such material without restrictions, including any ideas for products or production methods and know-how which may be contained in such material.

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If you use a link on this website to open another website, you leave this website. Any website that you thereby open is independent of this website, and MEINERTZ has no influence over its contents. In providing the possibility of linking from this website to other websites, we can accept no responsibility for the material presented on any website which is opened by following the link, and MEINERTZ disclaims any liability for direct or indirect losses which may arise as a consequence of opening or browsing other websites or utilising any material they may contain, irrespective of the reason for such loss, and irrespective of whether MEINERTZ could or should have predicted such loss, including the risk of loss consequent on the failure to remove the link from this website, or in any other respect.

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In providing the possibility of linking to this website from other websites, MEINERTZ, unless clearly stated otherwise, has neither approved the link nor the material contained on the other website, and MEINERTZ is not affiliated with or involved in any other form of co-operation with the owner of the other website.